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Patty Lane (w/Cheyenne)

I am a dedicated reporter and producer with a dynamic blend of creativity and proven expertise in radio, TV, journalism and successful podcast creation. As a podcast producer I am involved in all areas of podcast production from conception to launch. My unique ability to resonate with diverse audiences is evident in my track record of reporting, hosting and producing on all platforms.


I document stories about people - through words, sound and images. During my extensive career I've held positions as editor, reporter, producer, writer and photographer. I've launched three podcasts, worked at two radio networks, public radio & public TV, commercial radio and an online broadcast start-up.

I've contributed to reports and stories in San Diego, Seattle, and Atlanta (filing for ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, Westwood One, AFP, Metro Networks and local affiliates). My experience in communications includes working for two nonprofits, the American Red Cross and Real Change Newspaper, both in Seattle.


My background also includes film production in New York and Los Angeles (The Last Days of Disco, Deep Impact, The Spanish Prisoner and The Imposter).

I fill my time creating engaging podcasts and freelance writing, reporting and producing. I am excited to contribute my skills and passion to a forward-thinking team, driving innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of multi-media journalism.

I am available for freelance, remote or contract assignments.

You can reach me at and @newsdiva1 on Instagram and on Linkedin

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Podcast Producer / Journalist

You can reach me by email at

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