Patty Lane

I'm a multimedia reporter, producer, writer, and  photographer - documenting stories about people in words, sound, and images.  I've worked at two radio networks, public radio & public TV, commercial radio and an online broadcast start-up. 

Throughout my career I've reported live on location during breaking-news and in studio in San Diego, Seattle, and Atlanta. (filing for ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, Westwood One, AFP, Metro Networks and local affiliates) . 


I've worked in film production in New York (The Last Days of Disco, Deep Impact, The Spanish Prisoner and The Imposter) and Los Angeles.

I'm based in San Diego freelance writing, reporting and/or producing along the West Coast as I fill my time creating engaging podcasts.

You can reach me via email: pattylane@rocketmail.com or twitter/newsdiva.

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You can reach me by email at PattyLane@Rocketmail.com