Mt Si, Snoqualmie, WA
Silver Lake, near Mt St Helens
Sunset, Carlsbad, CA
Fall, Atlanta, GA
Fall, Atlanta, GA
Lifeguard Tower, Oceanside, CA
La Jolla Shores, CA
Pike Place Market
Bellevue, WA
Carnation, WA
Redwoods, Big Basin State Park, CA
Mountain Life: camping
Surrounded by redwoods
Mt Laguna
Mt Laguna
Bellevue, WA Botanical Gardens
Balboa Park Botanical
Atlanta, Botanical Gardens
Bellevue Botanical Garden, WA


Hilary Clinton, Seattle
Flowers to remember victims of 9/11
Lady Liberty, Alki Beach, after 9/11
Lady Liberty, Seattle
Mourning 9/11 in Seattle
Memorial for 9/11 victims, Seattle
Pro-war rally
Pro war rally
World Trade Organization protest
WTO protest, riot police Seattle
WTO Riot police
Boeing Strike
PowWow, Seattle
me and a Blue Angel, San Diego
Kingdome pre-implosion, Seattle
Kingdome Implosion, Seattle
Chinese New Years Celebration
Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta
Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta
New York Dogwalker

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